With Great Paddles, There Comes Even Greater Players

Zach Higginson

Born and raised in Southwest Florida, Zach is one of twelve siblings and no stranger to the Florida pickleball scene, also known as the Pickleball Capital of the World. Five years into the game, Zach has helped shape the SWFL pickleball community through multiple pickleball events, training, and charity involvement. Watch for Zach to be back on the Pickleball Pro Tour competing nationwide in 2024.

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Alexa Schull

Born in Florida and raised in Miami, Alexa honed her skills at the Evert Tennis Academy and ranked among the top juniors in tennis in the state of FL. She shifted her focus to pickleball in 2023 and is currently competing on the PPA and APP Pro Tour at only 16 years of age! Now a full-time player based in Miami, she continues to excel in the sport and is currently ranked in the top 4 juniors in the nation as of 2024.

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Rachael James

Two years ago, Rachael made the switch to pickleball and has rapidly climbed the ranks in the sport. She now plays pickleball professionally full-time, achieving a 24th world ranking in singles, ranked 19th in doubles in the Mid-Atlantic region, and securing a spot in the top 100 in doubles. Her notable achievements include a second place in the DUPR Nationals Doubles, second place in the APP Camden, a third-place finish in the DUPR Nationals singles, and fifth place in the APP New Jersey Singles. Rachael is currently finishing her master’s degree in Sport Management. She is set to graduate in Spring 2024.

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rey greenlaw

Rey grew up in a tennis family, with his parents as coaches and his brother as his hitting partner. Rey had great success as a competitive Junior USTA player, defeating the #1 FL player and as a runner up in the FL state tournament in high school. He currently plays UTR/ITF doubles with his brother Robby, and recently placed first in the Ft. Myers tennis pro league. Rey also excels at pickleball, having won multiple gold medals and other professional tournaments. He currently plays in the SWFL Pickleball Pro league.

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Henry Boyle

Southeastern region top player and the highest rated player in Wilmington, North Carolina, meet Henry Boyle. Originally from London, England Henry played high level tennis as a nationally ranked junior in both England and the United States. Now full time at pickleball as the founder and director of Carolina Tennis and Pickleball and the PPA Pro Tour with top level results.

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Ryan Reader

Having played pickleball for over 15 years and one of the original ambassadors of Southwest Florida pickleball, Ryan has committed to improving the game from the Professional level to Amateur level nationwide and internationally. Ryan has also taught over 30,000 hours on court and plays an influential role in developing the Next Generation of athletes in Southwest Florida. Ryan has also won the U.S. Open in Naples, FL and has multiple tournament wins.

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