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What does G.O.A.T. stand for in the barnyard?

Greatest Of All Time, no kidding!

Do we offer a try-before-you-buy, "test graze" program for our paddles?

Officially? Not quite. But if you bleat nicely for a demo, we've got a goat-path to make it happen. Just note, our demo paddles aren't as numerous as the stars in the sky – we can't send them galloping all over the country!

Do your paddles come with a baaah-tastic warranty?

Absolutely! Each Goat Paddle high-performance paddle is backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that's the goat (greatest of all time) in the Pickleball world. We've leaped over fences, much like our goat friends, to eliminate the worry of buying your Pickleball paddle. We stand proudly behind our gear.

Our Entertainment lineup is covered with a 1-year "no kidding" warranty.

What's the scoop on returns? Can I send back my paddle if it's not the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times) for me?

For all paddle purchases via our official meadow,, we offer a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange pasture policy.*

Within 30 days of your paddle delivery, trot on over to our returns page to get your return authorization.

*Certain exceptions may apply, so please sniff around product details for more info.

Remember, paddles that have been butted, chewed on, or otherwise show signs of goat-like mischief cannot be returned or exchanged. At Goat Paddle, we champion great sports-goat-ship.

What's the deal with shipping? Do you use goat-drawn carriages?

We aim to process all orders within one to two business days, faster than a goat spotting a fresh can! For details on shipping times and potential carrier delays, frolic over to our Shipping Policy

Who can I bleat to for customer support?

Got questions? Need help? Just want to chat about goats? Reach out to our customer support team. We're all ears! Contact Us

Are our paddles as advanced as a goat's climbing skills?

Absolutely! Our paddles boasts the latest barn-tech, featuring a unibody design that's as seamless as a goat's coat in winter. It's the pinnacle of thermoformed technology in the Pickleball pasture.

What's the secret behind our paddle's face, and why does it have more grip than a goat on a steep hill?

Our paddle flaunts a triple-layered carbon fiber face with specialized T700 thread. This isn't just any face; it's the gritty face that lasts longer than any other Pickleball paddle out there. It's like the enduring spirit of a mountain goat, but for your game.

How long is the handle? Is it like holding onto a goat's horn?

The handle stretches out to 5.5 inches, making it a comfortable grip, not too unlike holding onto a friendly goat's horn – minus the headbutting, of course.

What's the bleat about the Control Series versus the Performance Series paddles?

Diving into the details, the Control Series paddles boast a 16 mm core thickness, much like the sturdy stance of a goat on a rocky ledge, offering you unparalleled stability and control. On the flip side, the Performance Series thins out to 14 mm, akin to a nimble goat, providing enhanced maneuverability, a snappy response, and more power behind your hit. It's all about whether you prefer the steadfastness of a mountain goat or the agility of a younger kid.

How do I keep my pickleball paddle from turning into a goat chew toy?

Here are three key steps to prevent your paddle from becoming part of a goat's diet:

  1. Keep it clean - A bit of glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth should do the trick. No nibbling, please!
  2. Avoid extreme weather - Just like a goat in a thunderstorm, your paddle doesn't like being too hot or too cold. Keep it out of your car to maintain peak performance.
  3. Consider a cover - Our Pickleball cases might just save your paddle from an untimely demise, extending its life and keeping it away from curious goat mouths.

For more tips, Contact Us. It's the goat's whiskers!

How long can I expect my pickleball paddle to last before it goes to the great paddock in the sky?

The lifespan of your Goat Paddle Pickleball paddle largely depends on how you care for it. Generally, paddles last from one to five years. A good rule of hoof is to plan on getting a new paddle every two to three years.

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